WebGiv is Helping Charities Fundraise During COVID-19

We hope you, your familes and colleagues are staying safe during this crazy time.
With galas, auctions and traditional fund raising activities being canceled or postponed, WebGiv allows charities to benefit from the increased online purchasing that is occurring presently. This is the perfect time to implement your free WebGiv strategy.

Helping Others By Shopping Online.
You Shop. We Give. Simple.

Without it costing you a single penny, you have the power to raise money for charity simply by continuing to shop online.

Retailers pay us a commission to point people to their products, but unlike other companies and search engines, we will share those commissions!

Install the Chrome extension and select your charity. We will give most of our commission on your behalf.

It doesn't get any simpler than that.
You shop...we pay!

Add to Chrome

Add to Android

Chrome Extension

3 clicks to install the WebGiv Chrome extension. Select your charity and shop at any retailer with the charity logo.

Chrome Extension

Search Engine

No installation required. Just use your charity's custom WebGiv search engine and look for their logo on your search results.

Search Engine

Android App

All the WebGiv features but now on your phone. Install, select your charity and you have a custom charity mobile browser!

Android App

Donation Dashboard

See how much you have donated to your charity and find extra WebGiving specials from our retail partners.

Donation Dashboard

Some of the Retailers Working with WebGiv

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Some of the Charities Using WebGiv

About us

Why is WebGiv

To Us

Because it's just the right thing to do! We know there are so many causes in the world that need funding, but there are limited resources available to them.

We've decided that instead of being like all the other companies that keep the commissions for themselves, we will partner with you to give the funds to your chosen cause.

Why is WebGiv

To Charities

All charities are competing for funds from the same donors. WebGiv is an entirely new source of donations that has never been offered before!

Working together with charities, WebGiv not only gives those causes access to new donation dollars, but also enables their supporters to become more actively involved throughout the year. Donors can be updated directly by the charity about new initiatives or programs simply by clicking the "Charity News and Updates" button on their WebGiv dashboard.

Our Charity Wants to Join!

Why is WebGiv

To You

So many causes, so little time or money to give. We know you want to give to the causes that are important to you but just may not have the extra funds to do so.

WebGiv gives you a new way to give! You don't have to change your buying habits or your favourite retailers. Just load the WebGiv Extension - select the cause you want your donation to go to and watch your contribution grow!

Welcome to a global donation revolution....Welcome to WebGiving!

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