Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre
Le Centre des ressources de l'Est d'Ottawa

The Centre works in a progressive and collaborative manner to provide a wide range of supportive and empowering community services. This is achieved through the proactive efforts of a dedicated, client-centered and compassionate team who is committed to promoting a strong, healthy and equitable community.

Le Centre œuvre d’une façon progressiste et coopérative en vue d’offrir une vaste gamme de services communautaires réconfortants et habilitants. Il y parvient grâce aux efforts d’une équipe dynamique, dévouée et compatissante, axée sur la clientèle, qui s’engage à promouvoir une collectivité vigoureuse, saine et équitable.

How do I use the EORC Extension?

With only 4 simple clicks WebGiv will start donating on your behalf to EORC

WebGiv has partnered with more than 25,000 retailers and everytime you shop online with one of those companies a percentage of your purchase will be given to EORC. NO PERSONAL DATA IS COLLECTED AND YOUR DONATION DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING....NO ADDITIONAL FEES, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!

CLICK 1: By clicking on the link below you will be taken to the Google Web Store where the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre extension will be available to you.EASTERN OTTAWA RESOURCE CENTRE EXTENSION

CLICK 2: Click "ADD TO CHROME to install EORC's extension

CLICK 3: Click confirmation "ADD EXTENSION".

CLICK 4: Type in the Charity Code " EORC " and you are ready to start donating.

That's it - you will now start donating for free!

Now whenever you search for products online through Google and Bing, look for the EORC logo beside participating retailers. That logo tells you a portion of your purchase will go to EORC on your behalf.

When you arrive on the retailer's website, just click "Yes Please" on the donation reminder to activate the donation. You can change your settings at any time by clicking the EORC logo in the top right corner of your browser

Please remember, we don’t track your IP address when you visit our site. Because we don’t track this information, you are anonymous to us when you search with WebGiv.